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About Pi Gazing

Three Pi Gazing cameras being tested side-by-side.

Pi Gazing is written and maintained by astronomer Dominic Ford.

All of the software and hardware designs are open source, and can be downloaded from our GitHub pages under a Gnu General Public License V3.

You are very welcome to try building your own Pi Gazing camera. You can either use our software as is, or you can play around with it, figure out how it works, and try to make it work better!

If you do build your own camera, please do get in touch with us via Facebook or Twitter. We'd love to keep track of where Pi Gazing cameras are being installed.


We are very grateful for advice from many amateur astronomers who helped us with the design of Pi Gazing. These include the NEMETODE and UKMON networks of amateur meteor observers.

The hardware used in our Pi Gazing cameras was designed by Dave Ansell.

Pi Gazing is based on code which was developed for Cambridge Science Centre's MeteorPi project, which was created by Dominic Ford with generous support from the Raspberry Pi Foundation and Mathworks.